Inovista is a research driven start-up, positioned to develop advanced materials and products based on biomass… We are in partnership with nature to find solutions for the biggest challenges of our lives…

lıttle thıngs make a BIG dıfference


Carbon known since antiquity, is the second most abundant element in human body and the  sixth most abundant element in the universe.

actıvated carbon

Thanks to micro pores of activated carbon.  They provide extremely large surface area exceeding 1000m2 per gram and carry out the “Adsorption Phenomenon”.


Activated Carbon is one of the forms of carbon. It helps us in more than 1000 ways. As Inovista, we develop Activated Carbon and solutions with it, for various applications. We are focused on 3 main areas.

Better solutıons

better sustaınabılıty

Our purpose is pursuing better solutions for life, taking on environmental responsibility and generating  income, based on sustainable production.We believe every decision we make should contribute to sustainability ,complying with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

our story


Biomass has greater potential than being used as an energy source. Innovative approaches are necessary to transform biomass to cost-effective materials . From many perspectives "Activated Carbon" is ideal to be the first step for our problem solving story.

Inovista was Founded
Project 1 : Parameter Optimization

Structure of our precursor is being analyzed and the production parameters of activated carbon is being optimzied. This project leads us to recipes for diverse adsorption applications .

Project 2 : End products with activated carbon

Innovation derived, nature friendly, cash generating products in 4 main categories are designed and prototyped. We aim to reach 200.000 families in the year of launch.

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Project 3: Improved medium for “Cultured Meat”

Activated Carbon will be doing its best to contribute to better quality, lower cost "Clean Meat" 

Patent Applications

First application has been made.To be continued....

Patent Application
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